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iiSE (read easy) is our newest tool for the simulation of chemical, petrochemical, and energy conversion processes.

iiSE comes from (Industrial Integrated Simulation Environment) but the idea was to play with the easy word.

Here we have a very short tutorial:

Some of the interesting features of iiSE:

  • Graphical interface for process flow diagrams.
  • Real-time information about the degrees of freedom of the simulation (global) and by equipment (local).
  • Real-time structural analysis for redundancy detection and specification sugestion.
  • Redundancy and observability reports.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel by means of an add-in.
  • Results exporting in clear text.
  • Dynamic simulation MSO export (to be used by the EMSO process simulator).
  • Updated thermodynamic library with the most recent models.
  • Tools for oil assay modeling by means of pseudocomponents.
  • Specific library for water/steam processes.
  • Communication with data logging systems and operating systems by means of OPC.