iiSE chemical process simulator

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Reducing energy requirements in distillation columns: vapor recompression

In the video below we show what vapor recompression (or heat pump) is. We also show how to simulate this process using the iiSE simulator. See that we do not need any ‘design-spec’ or ‘recicle’ block. This is one of the advantages of equation oriented simulators!

Understanding equation-oriented simulators

There are essentially two process simulator technologies: modular (sequential) and equation-oriented (simultaneous). In this video (in Portuguese) some of the advantages of the equation-oriented approach are shown for the iiSE simulator.  

iiSE intro tutorial

The iiSE process simulator is an equation-based simulator. This leads to some differences in use, when compared to the classical sequential-modular simulators. With this short tutorial below you will learn how to build your first simulation with iiSE: